Virgin Wireless

Virgin Wireless

Virgin Wireless is owned and operated by Sprint, in the United States. The company offers no-contract cell phone and Internet plans and devices. Because Verizon Wireless is a Sprint company, all coverage is routed through the Sprint network.

Applying for Virgin Wireless

  • Application Process: There is no application required for Virgin Wireless. Customers purchase the phone they want to start on the no-contract plan and activate the phone with a prepaid plan when the phone arrives. All plans come with unlimited messaging and data [+].
  • Contract Terms: You have no contract when you purchase service from Virgin Wireless.

Accessing Your Virgin Wireless Account

  • Login: Use your mobile phone number or account number to log in to your Virgin Wireless account [+].
  • Payment Details: You must pay for the next plan month prior to the end of your current month’s service to maintain service. Automatic payments are available to ensure continuous coverage. Payments are accepted by phone and online.
  • Phone: Call 1-888-322-1122 for phones and 1-877-877-8443 for broadband devices.
  • Online: Visit your Virgin Wireless account to top-up your account for the next month’s service [+].

Virgin Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: Virgin Wireless does not charge customers a security deposit.
  • Activation Fee: There is no activation fee mentioned for no-contract plans.
  • Early Cancellation Fee: There is no early cancellation fee because you are under no contract with Virgin Wireless.
  • Monthly Fee: There are no monthly fees associated with Virgin Mobile service.
  • Roaming Charges: There are no roaming charges with Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Wireless PayAsYouGo

Virgin Wireless offers monthly subscription plans and payLo [+]. PayLo is slightly different as lower priced plans charge for data and text messages while limiting the number of minutes allowed per month.

  • Per Minute Fee: Between 2 cents and 5 cents per minute. If you have a minute plan you will be charged 10 cents per minute.
  • Data Fee: $1.50 per MB.
  • Text Fee: 15 cents per text message and 25 cents per picture message. Data rates may apply to picture messages.

How to Cancel Your Virgin Wireless Account

There is no need to cancel your Virgin Wireless account. If you no longer want to continue service stop adding money to your account. Your phone or mobile device will be disconnected when your account balance reaches $0 or less than the amount needed to continue service. There are no refunds if there is a credit balance on your account.

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