Simple Mobile Wireless

Simple Mobile Wireless

Simple Mobile, an America Movil company, provides customers with low-priced, no-contract cellular phone service. All monthly plans offer unlimited talk, text and data – but data speeds are throttled down when the customer reaches the high-speed limit for the purchased plan.

Applying for Simple Mobile Wireless

  • Application Process: To purchase mobile phone or broadband coverage from Simple Mobile wireless, visit the only shop and choose the device you want to purchase [+]. Add the phone to your cart and choose a plan from the available Simple Mobile wireless plans. Phone purchases are made through an external website [+].
  • Contract Terms: There are no contracts with any Simple Mobile wireless plan.

Accessing Your Simple Mobile Wireless Account

  • Login: Manage all account details, including reupping your account, online [+].
  • Payment Details: You can purchase a Simple Mobile wireless card or reup your plan online [+].

Simple Mobile Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: Simple Mobile wireless does not charge customers a security deposit as there are no contracts required for service.
  • Activation Fee: You will not face an activation fee with any purchase from Simple Mobile or My Simple Phones.
  • Early Cancellation Fee: Cancellation of your Simple Mobile wireless plan does not come with an early cancellation fee.
  • Monthly Fee: Monthly fees with Simple Mobile wireless are limited to plan fees.
  • Roaming Charges: Coverage is available with no roaming charges.

Simple Mobile Wireless PayAsYouGo

The only Simple Mobile wireless plan offering pay-as-you-go minutes is the international plan. All other talk plans offer unlimited talk. Data plans are available for mobile broadband access with pay-as-you-go payments.

  • Per Minute Fee: Per minute fees are based on the country you call. Customers purchase $10 international cards for use as needed. You can check the rate per minute on the Simple Mobile wireless website [+].
  • Data Fee: Data fees for broadband coverage are $25 per 750 MB and $45 per 2 GB. If you need more data, simply purchase an additional card and add it to your account. All cards come with 30 days of coverage. If you purchase an additional card, the 30 days starts new when the card is added to your account.
  • Text Fee: There are no pay-as-you-go text plans.

How to Cancel Your Simple Mobile Wireless Account

When your Simple Mobile wireless coverage expires, the phone will be cancelled unless you purchase a new card or ReUp online.

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