MetroPCS Wireless

MetroPCS Wireless

MetroPCS is a no-contract mobile phone company that recently joined the T-Mobile family. T-Mobile is a contract provider, but the company claims they will not alter the MetroPCS coverage plans in any way. Customers can maintain the same plan with MetroPCS and will not have to sign a contract at any time. With the merger comes access to a larger network and additional premium mobile phones, according to T-Mobile [+].

Applying for MetroPCS Wireless

  • Application Process: To order a phone and plan from MetroPCS wireless, enter your zip code at the top of the screen and click the Phones tab. Click Shop Phones and choose the phone you would like to purchase. Navigate to the checkout page to pay for your phone. When the phone arrives, click the Plans button, choose a plan and click the Activate button. You will activate the phone with the chosen plan at that time.
  • Contract Terms: There are no contracts with MetroPCS wireless.

Accessing Your MetroPCS Wireless Account

  • Login: The log in page gives customers access to an online account to view the current phone and plan, make payments and purchase new or upgraded phones.
  • Payment Details: Payments can be made from your online account or via a MetroPCS store in your area [+].

MetroPCS Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: There is no security deposit required to start service with MetroPCS.
  • Activation Fee: There is no activation fee mentioned in the MetroPCS wireless terms and conditions [+].
  • Early Cancellation Fee: No contract companies do not charge an early cancellation fee.
  • Monthly Fee: There are no monthly hidden fees. All fees are added to the plan fee.
  • Roaming Charges: There are roaming charges associated with some MetroPCS wireless accounts, but the charges may be different in certain areas. Contact customer service at 1-888-863-8768 to ask about your areas roaming charges.

MetroPCS Wireless PayAsYouGo

  • Per Minute Fee: All current MetroPCS plans offer unlimited talk.
  • Data Fee: All current MetroPCS plans offer unlimited data. Data speeds are throttled back when the customer reaches the high-speed plan limit.
  • Text Fee: All current MetroPCS plans offer unlimited texting.

How to Cancel Your MetroPCS Wireless Account

If you no longer want coverage from MetroPCS, you allow the current phone plan to expire. You have a 30-day grace period to keep your current phone number if you should choose to reactivate your phone.

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