Credo Wireless

Credo Wireless

Credo wireless is a mobile phone company that donates a portion of every sale to non-profit groups and organizations that fight for progressive change and battle regressive policies and actions. Some of the fights Credo wireless supports include: the fight to stop fracking, food security for all and marriage equality. Since the company started in 1985, more than $70 million in donations have been delivered. Credo uses the Sprint nationwide network towers.

Applying for Credo Wireless

  • Application Process: Applying for coverage with Credo wireless is as simple as picking a phone, picking and plan and checking out or you can call 1-877-762-7336 to order by phone [+]. Both applications will require contact information and the account holder’s social security number.
  • Contract Terms: All Credo wireless phones require a two-year contract agreement. The Terms and Conditions mention a month-to-month plan, but that plan is not offered on the Credo wireless website [+].

Accessing Your Credo Wireless Account

  • Login: Customers have access to Credo wireless Member Services online to make payments and changes to the account.
  • Payment Details: Credo wireless accepts payments for service by phone, by mail and online.
  • Phone: Call 1-800-411-0848 to make a payment.
  • Mail: Send your payment to Credo Mobile P.O. Box 7015 San Francisco, CA 94120
  • Online

: Log in to your account to make a payment [+].

Credo Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: Credo wireless will run a credit check at purchase. The credit check may prompt a security deposit. The initial security deposit will be determined by the credit check, but Credo wireless reserves the right to increase the deposit based on payment history and other factors.
  • Activation Fee: There may be an activation fee associated with your account. Call Credo wireless customer service at 1-800-411-0848 for detailed information about your activation fee.
  • Early Cancellation Fee: The Credo wireless early termination fee is $325 per line for smartphones and $175 per line for basic phones. The fee is reduced by $10 and $5 per month for smartphones and basic phones, respectively, according to the Terms and Conditions [+].
  • Monthly Fee: Two monthly fees are automatically added to your Credo wireless account bill – an FCC Universal Service Fee and a Regulatory Charge.
  • Roaming Charges: Credo wireless does charge roaming fees if the customer account does not include domestic roaming.

Credo Wireless PayAsYouGo

  • Per Minute Fee: There are no pay-as-you-go plans from Credo wireless.
  • Data Fee: Data usage is charged at a rate of $1.99 per MB if you do not have a data plan. Smartphones require a data plan upon purchase.
  • Text Fee: If you have a limited text plan on your phone, you will be charged an additional 10 cents for every text message above the plan limit. If you do not have a text plan on your phone, you will be charged 20 cents per text message.

How to Cancel Your Credo Wireless Account

You must contact Credo wireless customer service at 1-800-411-0848 to cancel your wireless account. If you are cancelling before the end of your service contract you will be responsible for early termination fees unless you are on a month-to-month contract or Credo wireless increased the cost of your monthly rate plan. Customers must call within 30 days of the rate plan increase to avoid the early termination fee [+].

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