Boost Mobile Wireless

Boost Mobile Wireless

Boost Mobile is a popular prepaid mobile phone company that offers nationwide coverage with no annual contract. Boost utilizes the Sprint network to provide customers with talk, text and data coverage. The prices are less because Boost Mobile wireless does not have to pay for the upkeep of the equipment used to provide coverage.

Applying for Boost Mobile Wireless

  • Application Process: There is no application process when choosing Boost Mobile wireless. Visit the Boost Mobile wireless website, choose a phone, choose a plan and checkout [+].
  • Contract Terms: There are no contracts at Boost Mobile wireless, but patrons are rewarded for staying with the company and paying monthly refills on time. With every six on-time payments, Boost Mobile wireless will reduce the monthly fee by $5 – up to a total discount of $15 [+].

Accessing Your Boost Mobile Wireless Account

  • Login: There may not be a contract to deal with, but Boost Mobile wireless does offer customers access to their account online [+].
  • Payment Details: There are three ways to refill your Boost Mobile wireless account. You can log in to your online account to reboost, dial #233 from your Boost Mobile phone or visit a payment location in your area [+].

Boost Mobile Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: Boost Mobile does not charge a security deposit.
  • Activation Fee: There does not appear to be an activation fee, but a reactivation fee may be charged if the Boost Mobile phone is allowed to expire [+]. Boost Mobile wireless reserves the right to charge activation fees, according to the Terms and Conditions [+].
  • Early Cancellation Fee: There is no early cancellation fee.
  • Monthly Fee: Boost Mobile does not charge a monthly maintenance fee.
  • Roaming Charges: There are no roaming charges. All Boost Mobile plans are unlimited.

Boost Mobile Wireless PayAsYouGo

  • Per Minute Fee: Boost Mobile wireless does not offer a per minute fee, but they do offer daily unlimited plans for $2 and $3 per day [+].
  • Data Fee: All plans come with unlimited data.
  • Text Fee: All plans come with unlimited text.

How to Cancel Your Boost Mobile Wireless Account

Customers can cancel their Boost Mobile wireless phone by simply not reboosting the account. When the current monthly plan expires the phone will go dead. The customer can restart service at a later date, if desired, but a reactivation fee will likely be charged.

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