AIO Wireless

AIO Wireless

AIO Wireless is an alternative mobile phone company that uses AT&T’s network. AT&T launched the service in May 2013, some say as a means of closing in on other prepaid markets from companies like T-mobile and Straight Talk.

Applying for AIO Wireless

  • Application Process: There is no application process for AIO Wireless. The customer simply visits the official website and chooses a phone and plan [+]. All plans come with unlimited data, but high speed connections are capped to seven GB per month with the highest priced plan. Customers can also choose to bring compatible cellular phones to AIO Wireless instead of purchasing a new phone [+].
  • Contract Terms: When you purchase a cellular device or plan from AIO Wireless, you do not sign a contract with the company. Your coverage will continue for the first month and expire after the prepaid month concludes.

Accessing Your AIO Wireless Account

  • Login: The login page offers customers the change to log in to their online account or register for account access.
  • Payment Details: AIO Wireless offers multiples ways to recharge your prepaid wireless phone. You can visit the website and choose Quick Pay or setup the account on AutoPay to automatically refill the phone each month [+]. AIO Wireless store locations also accept payment, but cash, credit card and debit cards are the only means of payment accepted [+].

AIO Wireless Security Deposits and Fees

  • Security Deposit: There is no security deposit required with AIO Wireless.
  • Activation Fee: In store activation fees may be as high as $25 per line or phone [+]. There is no activation fee is activated online.
  • Early Cancellation Fee: There is no early cancellation fee.
  • Monthly Fee: AIO Wireless does not charge a monthly maintenance fee.
  • Roaming Charges: There is no mention of roaming charges with AIO Wireless.

AIO Wireless PayAsYouGo

  • Per Minute Fee: Unlimited minutes are included in every plan.
  • Data Fee: Unlimited data is included in every plan.
  • Text Fee: Unlimited texts are included in every plan.

How to Cancel Your AIO Wireless Account

Cancelling your AIO Wireless phone is simple – stop paying the bill. There is no early cancellation fee because the prepaid plan requires the customer pay for service in advance. With no contracts, the customer is not required to keep the plan for any set length of time. If you allow the phone to expire and wish to restart service you may be charged a $15 reactivation fee.

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  1. Freedom victor Copley says:

    I am concerned tbat my data services are not working properly. I have tried everything and still nothing seems to help I am paying for the pro plan and should not have this much trouble. please check my account. Thank you

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